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What’s Good for the Goose…

Do you know the rest? Is good for the gander. I heard this so much as a young child and had no clue what it meant. As an adult, what it now means is that you can’t exercise one freedom while denying another the same.

Case in point: the whole Red Hen debacle with Sarah Sanders. Yes, the restaurant owner had every right to refuse the family service, but why did they do it after the food had arrived? Just a thought. (They were removed from the restaurant because their “political” conflicted with the owner’s.)

The reason for my confusion? Another case in the news of a Christian printer, owner of Hands On Originals, who felt led to tell a potential customer he could not accept their order because it violated his conscience.

Same reason for refusal – conflict of conscience; different result: folks applauded the restaurant owner, while the printer was sued by the offended potential customer. This same printer was then dragged through the court system but the judge ruled that the print shop business owner had the right to refuse any potential business he wished, on moral grounds.

Before you tell me the printer was a homophobic you need to know that he employs gay people and he often prints t-shirts for other gay customers. He just felt that he could not accept this one project.

1 Timothy 1.5 talks of love, a pure heart, a clear conscience, and a sincere faith. Tell me, of these two stories, who had the love? The pure heart? The clear conscience?

Just a thought.

Kari, the radical rebel for Jesus

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