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Truth, Justice and the American Way

I stopped reading a local rag I had enjoyed reading for years, the Up and Coming Weekly, because they proudly bill it as ‘family-friendly’ but a while back did something I consider the complete opposite. Not they know or care I stopped reading, but I did.

I was unintentionally a rather captive audience recently at a venue where the mags were freely available, so I grabbed one just to check it out. I have to give Karl Merritt a shout-out for his excellent article entitled, ‘Objectivity is Very Near Death in America’. He defined the Cambridge Dictionary’s meaning of the word ‘objectivity’, and made a strong case for its death with the example of the ruckus that erupted after Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. Merritt encouraged interested readers to read the full report made by Arizona Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, but gave us a few of what he obviously considered the highlights. I happen to agree.

Here are a couple of undeniable facts:

The lady in question, a Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, apparently initially wished to remain anonymous. (So how can you legally accuse a judge of sexual wrongdoing but remain unnamed? That seems a tad unfair. Especially given there’s a small clause somewhere   with something about the right to know your accuser… perhaps that doesn’t pertain to the press, since they’re always so impartial.)

Said Dr. Ford could not keep her story straight as to when, where, or even how the alleged incident occurred. Few details came to mind, and the ones that did were inconsistent, including who was there with her to witness the event. The witnesses she did name and claim unfortunately claimed either complete denial of knowledge of the incident or simply did not remember it. Her story was never corroborated.

However, her allegations did destroy a man, his wife and two young children, bringing irreparable harm for the sake of a few minutes’ headlines. Is a reputation really worth so little to us as a people and us as a nation?

I could be wrong but it seems to me a pretty clear cut case of bullying and abuse. In fact, Senator Mazie Hirono was quoted by Tyler O’Neill in his article, “Dem. Senator: Kavanaugh Doesn’t Deserve ‘Presumption of Innocence’ Because I Disagree With Him”, as saying, “I put his denial in the context of everything I know about him in terms of how he approaches his cases.” Well. that says it all. Apparently Ms. Mazie has decided she is God and she alone has the right to judge her fellow man.

In Merritt’s own words, this strongly suggests ‘the presumption of innocence – a core tenet of English and American law  going back more than one hundred years – depends on one’s judicial philosophy.’ (emphasis mine). Is it really wise to condemn a man as guilty, despite all facts and evidence to the contrary, simply because you don’t happen to like their approach?

I agree with Merritt. If the media will go after a respected judge voted into office by a public who trust and respect him, for a public he has served faithfully for upteen years with such passion and dedication, then no-one is safe. We are indeed “all Brett Kavanaugh now.”

Your thoughts?

Kari, the passionate-believer-in-innocent-until-proven-guilty

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My Brother, My Hero

He was a carpenter, yes, and I’ve always loved wood so I appreciate the gift highly – it doesn’t help that before my man came along I seemed to have a thing for those tv house-fixer carpenters – but what I love most about my brother, my hero, is that He was an accomplished storyteller. He could draw a crowd in a hot minute, and they’d hear Truth disguised as parables. Whether that Truth sunk in was another matter entirely but as the old folks used to say, ‘ya can lead a horse to water…’. I trust you know the rest.

I discovered a major part of my calling and destiny at the tender age of 42. I’ve always been a reader, but was rejected as a writer so soundly in my 14th year of life that I didn’t pick it up again until what I fondly refer to as, ‘my epiphany moment’. It has coloured my world ever since.

John Bevere once said you never know a life-defining moment when you’re in it, and boy can I testify an amen to that. i didn’t, but I made the choice to follow my heart. I, like Robert Frost wrote, “took the road less travelled. And it has made all the difference.” I’ll take the highway of holiness every time.

I struggled for many years with Proverbs 11.30, but I now know how I can win souls and influence people. Through fiction. The foolishness of the gospel in bite-sized breadcrumbs. With everything I pen I pray Papa gives those He chooses eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to perceive, Isaiah 6.10, the traces of His Truth. Even if they don’t get it right then and there I pray I sow fruit that remains in silly stories about dogs, and teddy bears, a door in the middle of nowhere, and lost socks, not to mention 5 adult dysfunctional sisters and a timid teen with a strong anointing.

Is He your hero today? Your brother, protector, lover, provider, safe place and so many other things? If He’s not I encourage you to check out the tab, May I Introduce You? I’d love to pray with you so if you have any needs or just want to talk, feel free to respond below and start a conversation. We’re all in this together, and I’m here for you.

Kari, the child of a carpenter

all original content, copyright © 2000, karigraceplace.com, all rights reserved

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