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Duck, Duck David

Yes, I know it’s duck duck goose, but where’s the fun in that?

First of all I apologize to the blogosphere for taking a short hiatus from writing. Life can often ambush you when you least expect it. Second, I’m now refired and rewired, back with a vengeance after watching one of my heroes, Steven Furtick. (DM renamed him my “boy”, and is given to ominous muttering such as, “your boy is on…”) SF has a way of breaking it down to simple concepts and he can stir me up in a heartbeat.

Today’s message happened to come from First Samuel, chapter 18, which finds David in his peaceful place strumming the harp, worshipping his heart out. Saul, however, has other ideas. The latter decides it’s a good idea to ‘fling’ a spear at the defenseless musician and ‘pin him to the wall’… literally.

What always threw me (but I’d never given much deep meaningful thought to) was the fact that David didn’t react way most would, given the dynamics of the moment. In fact, there’s no record he ever took his hand off the harp. I must admit I might well have grabbed for the spear. Gut instinct ranks high on the preservation scale in the Lowther household. But, as SF quite rightly points out, “Saul cannot kill what God has crowned.”

Which every child of God is. Crowned, I mean. With loving kindness and tender mercies, just in case you didn’t know. You were also created to be a David. His name means Beloved, and he lived to worship God.

He also there in two pieces of advice:

Keep your hand on the harp and God will keep His on the spear (meaning that if we trust Him, our challenges won’t kill us), and

Learn to duck!

Wise advice in any century, if you ask me. For those who think the Bible just a dusty old history book and has no relevance in society today I’ve only got one thing to say – Duck, David!

Kari, the ducking and the crowned

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