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The Why Behind The What

I had an experience recently that reminded me of something God had taught me a while back. It’s a simple concept. Look for the why behind the what.

Psalm119.68 says that God is good and He does good. So I’ve learned in my Christian walk to look for the good, because there you’ll often find God.

We see things and are so quick to judge, yet we rarely know the whole story. I’ve banned, “I would never…” from my vocabulary. I have no idea; I’m not in their situation. When I see things I just watch and wait. Sooner or later, more is revealed and it’s often shocking how wrong my first impression was.

A friend gave me a ride somewhere and I forgot for a second that it’s someone I can’t trust with my heart. They don’t know it but they are not a Safe Place. They’re a Judgment Zone. I shared a story and they immediately rebuked me, telling me I had taken a verse out of context. I beg to differ – I take God literally. To be honest, I didn’t see any good in that correction, merely pride and condemnation.

Later that night we were leaving and they came to the entrance on to the main road. Bear in mind, this is around 9pm on a Friday night, with maybe 10 cars max in the parking lot. But because it said Entrance, they drove around the parking lot till they found the Exit. Forgive me but I’m not under the law, and legalism killed Jesus. I would have gone out the Entrance since it wasn’t Sunday morning on a busy church day. I couldn’t use a scripture to help me in a time of need but they’re living by the letter of the law.

I’d rather take God literally, and take Him at His Word. He says He will help in a time of trouble but you have to find a verse to stand on. Just because it doesn’t fit in with others’ theological ideas doesn’t mean you’re twisting His Word. I’ve seen folk pervert and misuse it, yes, but I disagree that using it in a time of need is taking it out of context. I’m into life, not legalism.

I’m reminded of the phrase, “consider the source.” This person believes themselves highly prophetic, and I’m not saying they’re not, but they haven’t yet learned to temper their frequent correction with gentleness. A couple of years ago I had a similar situation with them. Two days after someone I cared deeply for died, they happened to call me. Their advice in my pain? Basically, get over it. I get the point, but where’s the love there? I let them talk for a while, then ended the conversation with a gentle, “I know you meant well, but if you ever get to minister to someone grieving again… you might want to give them more than two days to recover…”

Going on this latest interaction I think they missed the point completely.

Your thoughts?

Kari, the why-finder

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