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Thorns and Thistles… With a Little Dust Thrown In

I’ve been reviewing the good and bad from last year and have come to a conclusion: I can let the thorns and thistles choke out the good in life or I can focus on what God does – souls.

Genesis 3 verse 18 and 19 talk about how after Adam and Eve sinned the ground was cursed, but it was so much more than ground. It was their lives. And those of every generation yet to come. To me, thorns and thistles are the challenges we all face in seeking to please Him, and I for one find I seem to face them daily.

Added to that is the whole concept of dust. Other bibles phrase it differently but mine calls it dust, which is a compelling idea to me. A wise man once said stuff’ll grow in dirt but dust is worthless, since it has zero nutrients, which is my point exactly. God took a worthless substance He Himself had created and used it to make something of ultimate worth; Mary, the future mother of His divine Son, the Saviour of humanity. Which speaks of potential. I love how God chooses foolish things to confound the proud. How much more foolish can you get than to use worthless dust to birth something that became the avenue of rescue for what God was willing to die for? Us.

Joyce Meyer often encourages her listeners to, “think about what you’re thinking about.” I have a friend who called this morning to share some things she’s been thinking on recently. Some of them were pretty bizarre, and she didn’t like where they’d been taking her. Yet she seemed unable to see clearly, or change her choices.

If today finds you in a hard place and maybe doubting your worth and value, think on this – in God’s hands dust is never worthless. And nor are you.

Kari, the dust-girl

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The Christmas List

I would like to ask you a question today. Do you trust God no matter what, or do you only trust Him if He acts as Santa Clause, giving you every item on your list? (I hope this doesn’t kick over a sacred cow or two but I must admit I’ve never cared much for the name, or the idea of a benevolent human entity spreading gifts to those he classified as good.)

I’ve got to the point in my life now where if it doesn’t lift up Jesus, I’m frankly not interested. Lysa Turkherst wrote a book called The Best Yes, one I highly recommend for your reading pleasure. And growth. It taught me to prioritize my yesses but it ruffled a few feathers along the way, especially with folk who were used to me dropping my agenda for the day and helping them achieve theirs.

After much thought and prayer I realized my life had been reduced to four things:

Trust [rely on and have confidence] in the Lord and do good;
Dwell in the land and feed [securely] on His faithfulness.

I think yours can too, if you choose. I’m big on downsizing rather than hoarding, mainly because most true hoarders I’ve met along the way rarely give and when they do, they remember. My pastor said years ago, “blessed are those who can give without remembering, and take without forgetting.” In that moment I realized that described my life. People regularly tell me, “don’t you remember when you gave me—” and it blesses my heart to tell them no with a pure conscience; on the other side of the equation I remember almost every gift anyone has ever given me, especially if it was meaningful. A friend gave me a bookmark over 20 years ago that I treasure every time I see it in my bible.

I never liked New Years Resolutions – few seem to be kept for more than a month or two – but I do believe in goal setting. How ’bout we set a goal this new year to pare down our life so it’s not full of lesser yesses but focuses on the greater ones we can passionately pursue? Are ya with me?

Kari, the truster, do-gooder, dweller and feeder… not to mention rester…

all original content, copyright © 2000, karigraceplace.com, all rights reserved

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