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The Here and Hereafter

I’ve never really ranted before but I’m making an exception today. Here it comes.

Even though I shouldn’t be amazed at what folks do, because the Bible is clear we are to watch for the fruit of a life, I must admit all the shenanigans in this nation lately regarding the pro-life stance has me dumbfounded. Like I heard someone say recently, “ya can’t fix second-hand stupid”. How can you have an abortion midlabor? Forgive me but labor implies live birth, doesn’t it? The Oxford English Everyday Dictionary actually defines it as, “the pains or contractions of the womb at childbirth” (emphasis mine.) Which again implies to me the child arrives alive after its journey down the birth canal. This trumps ‘military intelligence’ as the biggest oxymoron I’ve ever heard.

Romans 8 verse 6 says we’re the ones who set our mind, and it gives the two choices available: here, or hereafter. Looking at the smug faces of those who chose to use their influence to legalize murder of the unwanted, inconvenient living miracle a woman’s body was created to produce, my heart was broken on a level I’ve never experienced before. Are we so blind, so stupid, as to think actions come without consequence? God warns us over and over we will reap what we sow, and I for one did not sow this. I value all life, be it planned or unexpected, adored or despised, accepted or rejected. What are we teaching the future women of tomorrow? Where does it end?

Why is the church silent? Does anyone out there have enough backbone to impact this generation and stand against the current tide of social norm and call it for what it is? Just plain wrong? So-called ‘Women’s rights’ has nothing to do with it. Research what that means; freedom from oppression and subjection to men, not the privilege to impose your will on another living breathing tiny human because you don’t like the result of your life choices. If the child makes it here alive and grows a little, then gets abducted and killed, we call it homicide, and justifiably so. Yet before they arrive here we call it our right to choose? I think not. May God forgive us.

Kari, the crusader-for-the-unwanted-unborn

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