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Break or Build

I started writing a story recently about a girl who was raised in a cult and although part of my research fun, much was very frightening. More people die from loneliness than any other disease, according to Dr. Caroline Leaf. She also said there are more books written in the Christian community on the subject of guilt and shame than any other other issue. My friend, these things should not be.

Every 10 seconds our brain makes a choice, according to scientific data: no wonder God says in Proverbs 23 verse 7 that ‘as a man thinkers in his heart, so IS he’ (emphasis mine). It all starts in the head and works it’s way down to the heart, then back up again to become solidified in our life by our words.

Ben Carson once said that anyone who used 100% of their brain could rule the world. So imagine for a moment a young, charismatic, natural-born leader who creates a community of those who perceive themselves as outcasts and rebels. Imagine this guy is smart, handsome, and very, very manipulative. He knows what Hitler knew: separate the man from his wife and you weaken the man; separate the wife from her offspring and you weaken both.

Then imagine this whole community has a strict hierarchy and is governed by thousands of rules no human being could possibly keep. Throw in the problem that those in influential places have been taught by their leader to foster the spirit of competition, where for all the talk of unity its members are being constantly bombarded with subtle seeds of discontent and divisive s would be the perfect environment to foster guilt and shame, don’t you think?

We may not live in such a world as the characters in my story, but we are doing many of the same things. Depression and drug use are at an all-time high. Race wars are escalating daily and I have to wonder – did we learn nothing from Martin Luther King jr? If happen to believe it’s not a race thing or even a color thing… it’s a sin thing. If the brain really does make a choice every 10 seconds, what are we choosing? Death, or life? Is it any wonder that our youth today are committing suicide at a rate of 1 almost every 45 seconds? Yep. You heard me right. Almost every single minute of the day a young person decides life is not worth living. Yet we as a society are still fighting over whether the unborn have the right to life? Tell me there’s not something wrong with that.

Kari, the unceasingly-thoughtful-and-positive

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