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A Well-Read Woman

is a dangerous creature, according to Lisa Kleypas. I couldn’t agree more. George Orwell once said, “If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.” The media has been trying to do just that for years and I’ve finally had enough. In fact, I’ve decided I am going to be as UNpolitically correct as I can possibly be. When a NY mayor tells me my body belongs to him, I’m gonna beg to differ – mine belongs to God. Period. Always has, always will.

At many pivotal points in history the church was silent, including Roe vs Wade, and look what we have now. Society-sanctioned murder of babies. A British statesman once said, “evil prospers when good men do nothing,” so I refuse to back up or shut up – I’d rather light up – because I am nothing if not well-read and I refuse to passively allow evil to prosper. To not act IS to act. Philippians 2 verse 3 starts off telling us to do ‘nothing’ from selfish ambition or vain conceit. Well, there’s a novel idea. If I’m addressing the issue from a place of love, as far as I am concerned that ‘freedom of speech’ thing goes both ways. If people choose to push the Muslim agenda in the land of the free and the home of the brave, then I choose to remind people they are have an eternal soul and to choose wisely where they will live.

A friend once told me when he worshiped God that he was “having rapture practice”, because he was “going in the first load.” I realize personality comes into play here and there are introverts as well as extroverts, but a heart change should produce a life change on some level. I give you the freedom to be you but please do the same for me. I choose to believe America is not going to hell because there are God-lovers praying for the country they love. As long as I’m praying God is moving, and I’m believing for a turn-around. Are you?

Kari, the well-read, well-informed God’s girl
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On-Again, Off-Again

Have you ever felt frustrated, or, perhaps, in the words of Terri Blackstock, “left with no human understanding for the things humans did?” I’ve been in that place for a while now. Every day the media sensationalists brings more drama, more discord, into an already fractured nation. Love, joy, peace and self-sacrifice it seems are archaic ideals that don’t relate to today’s progressive society. We’d rather have gay marriage and infanticide. Like someone pointed out recently on Twitter: you’re not un-pregnant, you’re the mother of a murdered child. And that’s a fact.

Mr, Mumbles made the point yesterday that the law now allows us as a free society to break every single one of God’s commandments. Whatever your sin, ie. ‘choice’, there’s a legal loophole. Many I talk to have given up on their faith entirely, and I have to wonder just how deep it went in the first place if they can throw in the towel so easily.

Diamonds don’t appear until after massive amounts of pressure has been applied; I find faith to have similar characteristics. Diamonds are strong, almost unbreakable, resilient, beautiful, highly sought after. Diamonds cut through many things and everyone on the planet knows their value. I’m pretty sure faith is supposed to be all those things too but it has to be pursued diligently, and it tends to grow slowly. Not many experience it because they don’t value it enough to invest the time and energy needed to acquire it. They’ll  watch the brain-dead box for hours on end but won’t pick up a Bible unless it’s Sunday and they have to look good in church. I find that truly heartbreaking, since the Author gave His life for the very ones who don’t seem to have time for Him.

We all pursue what we value, and our choices are ours to make, but those choices come with consequences. Jeremiah 29.11 says that the only way to find Him is when we get serious enough to search for Him with all our heart. Are we willing to put aside the worldly to grasp the eternal? To be honest, some days I am and some days I’m not. But one thing I am is fully committed. I’ve always been an all-in gal and I don’t suffer fools gladly. On-again, off-again people really irritate me because if they vacillate in one area they’re usually undecided in many areas of their life. Give me a rock-solid sinner over a double-minded saint any day. I can help the cold, but the luke-warm don’t listen.

Are you the kind of Christian that follows God when it’s smooth sailing but ditches at the first sight of a storm on the horizon? If you are, I encourage you to what Dr. Henry Cloud calls “excavate your soul” and dig deep. Take an honest look at where you are with the Lover of your soul, the Giver of your next breath, the Maker of everything that ever was and ever will be. He had the first word and He’ll have the last, I promise you. Make sure you’re on the right path. You never know when is your last tomorrow. If you need help reach out. If there’s any way I can help you with your journey I will, I promise.

Kari, the dreamer and pursuer

all original content, copyright © 2000, karigraceplace.com, all rights reserved



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