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Followers, Fans, Friends…

or faith? Where is your focus as a believer today? We now live in a virtual world where anti is virtually possible, few connect, and most fight what a friend of mine calls the tertiary issues, while the gospel, the true good news, is nowhere in sight.

Luke 19.10 says that Jesus came, “to seek and to save that which was lost.” Which once was me. We’re supposed to do what He did – go after the lost. We seek, and He does the saving. I see a world of hurt and dying people who aren’t hearing the Truth because folk are scared of persecution. Church history proves that it only grew in hard times. Guess complacency really does kill, huh? So how do we authentically connect?

Are social media likes and shares really an accurate measure of meaningful influence? We can all be kind, and we can all connect, but it takes intentionality. The issues our society faces today are so overwhelming it’s easy to stop even trying to make a difference. Believe me, I know. I’m married to a Facebook junkie and every day he tells me he is “so sick of hearing about Trump..” and this person, and that person, yet he keeps feeding from the same well. My own personal biggie happens to be child sex trafficking. I read recently that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children now believes almost 800,000 precious young souls disappear every single year, or to really bring it home, roughly 2,185 a day. And what are we, as concerned citizens, doing about it? Squabbling over the President’s latest tweet, apparently, according to my man.

So again, how can we authentically connect? In my opinion, one person at a time, on day at a time. We can all put our plans on pause to intentionally build trust and respect with those we meet. Then we can influence. We just have to want to. Then follow through with action. Simple. But so hard to do. Are you willing today to lay aside your agenda and go with His? It’s a new day and I’m making a fresh commitment to win souls and influence eternity. Who’s with me?

Kari, the care-free and faith-full

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