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Middle School Mean Girls

Matthew 12.37 says “For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.” We all know our mouth can get us into trouble, or out of it. Yet we use it so flippantly. It’s all in how you say it. The good, the bad, and the ugly can surface in a moment of time and some don’t give it a second thought. I should know. My high school days were made a living hell because of them. And those who wield them. Words.

In my life I’ve met many a mean girl, and many a kind girl. I must admit something broke in me when I entered into my fifth decade of life and I now have zero respect for the former. Anyone who chooses to exert their influence by manipulation and control is just sad. Possibly sick. Definitely twisted. Words and actions are a choice, despite what the media will tell you. Kids are vulnerable, teens especially, and can be hurt so easily. It can take years to build up walls of protection from the pain – the flip side of this though is that love has trouble getting in. God wants to pour out His abundant love, not to mention joy and grace, on everyone He has made, yet most of us never experience it to the fullest because we are afraid to trust.

I’ve come to a shocking conclusion. Bullies rarely change, they just age. I say rarely because some do… however, it seems to me most seem to enjoy the satisfaction of lording it over those they view as inferior. Power misused may cause permanent damage in its victims, and usually comes from a root of pride. Which perverts God’s original intent. Meekness, however, is power under control, because humility knows when and how to use such a devastating weapon. Kids commit suicide every day because of hurtful peers full of hurtful words. They face enough already, what with sex education and porn and date rape and and legal pedophilia and high school shootings. The last thing they need is word curses spoken over them.

Prayers, on the other hand, when spoken from a sincere heart, encourage and edify and exhort. There’s no telling the good they do on a daily basis for recipients who may never even know. Prayers of protection, of blessing, of God’s abundant promises and provision. Now that’s something I can get behind.

Every single day is chock full of choices. I have a humble suggestion. Watch what you feed. Words give life, or take it. Even a weed will die without food. So my question today dear friend is simply this: what are we feeding?

Kari, the love-girl

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