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No 3rd-Trimester Abortion (Operation 3rd-Trimester Rescue #O3TR) | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

No 3rd-Trimester Abortion (Operation 3rd-Trimester Rescue #O3TR) | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government
— Read on petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/no-3rd-trimester-abortion-operation-3rd-trimester-rescue-o3tr

Wasn’t gonna share anything else today but this is important…

To all my Spirit-filled on-fire-for-God-and-His-I compromised-Word friends out there –

Please tell me you’ve seen it and signed it?


At What Cost?

Help Wanted: Apply Inside.

Judges 5 talks of how God was in a war and all creation decided to get involved.

Well, almost all.

In verse 1 Deborah and Barack sung a song. Which brought mind-blowing results. In verse 4 the earth trembled, the heavens poured, and the clouds rained. In verse 5 the mountains gushed. In verse 19 ‘they’ fought from the heavens – the stars did their part, though I’m not quite sure what that would have been. In verse 22 God makes a point of telling us even horses help.

But… and there’s a big ‘but’… in verse 23 Meroz decided he’d rather passively watch than jump on in. I’m no bible scholar but it looks like that war was a tribe thing, if I take it in context. A whole tribe. Less one. He obviously didn’t buy in to the vision.

Every part plays a part, or at least that was God’s original intent; this would lead me to think His Body might want to do a better job of steppin’ up and fillin’ the role tailor-made for it from the dawn of creation. Science says that synergy means the whole is greater when we all get together. God says one can fight a thousand but add one more and you can fend off ten thousand. That’s increase, not multiplication.

Society is a mess but I’m still prayin’. And writin’. And lovin’. And sharin’. Gender confusion is at an all-time high. Bullying has reached epidemic proportions. Drag queens now have the legal right to read stories to and indoctrinate the next generation in public libraries. Suicide is officially the number 2 killer of girls aged 15 to 25. That’s horrific. These things should not be. My grandparents could well be probably rolling over in their grave to see the state of our nation. I have to wonder why these are happening. And what we, as His representatives in the earth, are doing to help change the tide.

Your thoughts?

Kari, the cost-counter

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Breaking Bad, Making Good

We live in the selfie-generation, where folks would rather take advantage than give it. Particularly when it comes to this intangible thing known as ‘the good life’. Marketers will sell you their product in a heartbeat; yet it’s not a thing to be obtained but a promise to be received and lived. It’s one of many, but intriguing enough that even those who don’t claim to know God want a piece of it. In 2 Peter 1.3 the writer calls them, “magnificent promises [of inexpressible value]…”

Ephesians 2.10 makes it clear God promises His children this very thing, calling us His “own handiwork…”, claiming there are “good works” a good God “planned beforehand”, a God who intends for us as individuals to walk in the paths He has for us, “… living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live.” (emphasis mine). Past tense. It’s a done deal.

The concept of choice, to me, is a much under-rated virtue. We were created to crave that elusive missing piece, and an empty soul will be filled. The question is: with what? Work, sex, money, the choices are endless but if it’s not intimacy with our Maker the result is the same. Deep unfulfilled need.

“Saints are destined to deconstruct barriers between the secular and sacred”, says Addison Bevere in my latest YouVersion Bible devo, “… normal people who journey through life with an extraordinary vision that infuses existence with purpose.” Who wouldn’t want that?

(btw, ‘saints’ means ‘set apart ones’, and has nothing to do with the Pope: every true born-again child of the living God is a ‘saint’. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face today I suspect nothing will.)

Let’s start breaking bad habits and making good choices. What do you say? It’s never too late to change, one day one choice at a time. The future is in our hands. It takes a lifetime to unpack even a smidge of He gave us as His beloved children and we will never know the whole package here on earth but it’s a worthwhile pursuit, don’t you think? I don’t know about you but I am so over bland. I’m all in, Jesus. Wanna come with?

Kari, the breaker-maker

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Yea Valley

Habakkuk must have been one of the depressed people on the planet. I know a few myself. I rarely feel ‘encouraged’ as I read his book but today I got a whole new perspective.

In chapter 3 he’s going through trauma as he learns what’s about to happen to his nation. He’s gut-wrenchingly honest about how he feels about what God is sharing but he appreciates the warning. He goes through a whole litany of ‘Yea Tho’s, all the worst possible scenarios he can possibly imagine, and ends in verse 18 with, “Yet I will [choose to] rejoice in the Lord…” emphasis mine. (I’m so very thankful for the Amplified Bible!)

He goes on to do a Hezekiah, telling God how awesome and mighty and invincible He is, and ends verse 19 with, “… and makes me to walk [forward with spiritual confidence] on my higher places [of challenge and responsibility]. (emphasis mine.)

It’s like the Psalms, where King David starts off depressed but by the end he’s got a whole new ‘tude. God gives Habakkuk the kind of prophesy none would rejoice over, full of danger and destruction with little hope in sight. It was so severe even his body reacted to the news. He had a choice to make. Would he trust his emotions and his current view of what lay before him and his people, or would he commit to trusting the unseen, eternal, loving, faithful God of his fathers Who was well able to bring good out of bad – in this case a Babylonian invasion?

Maybe today finds you in what the old folks used to call the ‘dark night of the soul’; heart grieving, mind ravaged, spirit sorely tried by things beyond your control. I encourage you to trust the One Who loves you and gave His life for you. Despite all evidence to the contrary He has a plan, and if you will trust His character when you don’t see His hand He will bring you into a place of intimacy only pain can work in a man.

All God wants is honesty. A ‘yea tho’. Some call it “nevertheless”. It basically means, ‘this sucks. But I trust You. Period.’

Yea tho this country is a mess and people are fighting each other and killing their unborn…

Yea tho my spouse promised to love and to cherish but is now MIA…

Yea tho my body hurts and this disease doesn’t look like it’s getting any better…

Yea tho my finances are up the creek with no paddle and I’ve been a tither for decades…

Yea tho I’ve prayed my guts out and my kids were raised right but they’re making destructive life choices and are far from God and there’s not a thing I can do about it…

You choose your own ‘yea tho’. But then, when you’ve acknowledged the valley, where do you grow from there? Is the next stop the Pit of Depression (a place I’m very well familiar with myself), or I Trust You Regardless? It’s up to you where you go from Yea Valley.

Life is full of choices. Joyce Brothers once said the best proof of love is trust. So do you?

Kari, the wise chooser

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The Inner Me, or The Enemy?

With the year drawing to a close I find myself once again in examination mode. I’m not a brooder by nature – you know those folks, I’m sure, who always talk about the past, maybe seem to even live there – but I do believe in learning lessons. So I take take time to examine my choices as the year ends, noting what I did right or wrong and assessing why.

There’s something so exciting about the new year. It’s a clean slate, where I can write anything I want in the pages of my life book during the year to come. I get to make new choices based on hard-earned wisdom. Or not, as the case may be.

I love the idea of new. Doesn’t everyone? The Ultimate Do-Over is a new day, but a close second is a new year. Operative word being ‘new’. Aren’t you glad God makes ‘all things new’, including you?

Exodus 14.30 simply says, “That day the Lord saved Israel from the hands of the Egyptians, and Israel saw the Egyptians lying dead on the shore.” You can either focus on death or freedom, and, to quote my grandmother God rest her soul, what you see is what you get. Which do you see here?

I realized today that some things I thought had come from the enemy actually passed through the hand of God and were intended to destroy the inner me, selfish desires I find are still with me after 26 years of walking with Him. How many things He rescued me from or kept me from this year I will never completely know till heaven, but the things I do know of, I’m extremely grateful for.

When we’re in hard circumstances it’s easy to give up and walk away, or to blame the enemy for sending it our way. I have to remind myself that strong tree roots only grow in adversity. If everything is sunny and warm there’s no need for fortitude.

One concern I’ve had recently is that I’m seeing more folk turn away from God than I ever have before in tow decades of following Him. Most claim it’s due to hard life experiences, which to their mind may be true. I’m not saying they’re wrong, I’m saying that might not be the best solution. The problem’s still there, whether you’re on His side or the enemy’s – wouldn’t you want the Way-maker on your side to walk you through it? He might just be working on the inner me, trying to get us to trust Him more.

My prayer for you today dear reader is that this rambling from a random redhead finds you passionately enamoured with the Lover of your soul, your Maker, giver of your next breath, Who formed and created you with utmost attention and care. I also pray this year will be one of manifold blessings, as you draw ever closer to Him. Life really is all about choices. Choose wisely.


Your thoughts?

Kari, the hope-full prayer-full, joy-full redhead

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