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The Danger of Drifting

In a selfie world filled with Me and My it can be a little hard not to drift from our core values every once in a while.

This became clear to me one day on a road trip to the beach a few years back. I tell folks I’m Missouri, the show-me state. Once you do, I rarely forget. God knows that, and teaches me spiritual principles that way. He knows it’ll stick. Right at the start of Psalm 24, as in verse 1, our Father, Maker of heaven and earth, declares that everything in them (heaven and earth) belong to Him. He made them, and He owns them. Which tells me He can and will use anything we give him, as long as we’re willing. So when well-meaning Christianettes tell me they ‘only’ read the Bible (usually said in a slightly demeaning way), I tell them I’m happy for them. Truly. I read it too. But for some reason I learn life lessons all over the place. From billboards to books, webinars to websites. From those I know are saved to the bone, and those I suspect when I see the fruit of their mouth wouldn’t know Jesus if He came up and shook their hand that day.

So I stop and pray. I guess it must be because I have a heart for teens who won’t go anywhere near a church – usually for good reason. Church hurt stinks. I’m well familiar with it.

In my stories and in my speech I believe in ‘breadcrumbs’, seeds of the gospel sown into daily life. Especially when writing fiction. After all, that’s a foolish thing if ever I saw one. Then again, I’m imitating. Just like Jesus. Modern-day parables, taking situations and turning them into stories. After all, I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like a good story.

Those with eyes to see will, and those without… well, I pray they’ll retain those seeds and that others will come along and water them to the point where they have a come-to-Jesus moment. Back to the drifting. I’ve found that when I’m in the sea I tend to focus on the fun, not the peripherals. I’m likely to lose sight of the shore and when I finally look up, I’ve drifted. Sometimes a little, sometimes not so much. Which is why I like to take a rather oversized ostentatious lime green tote bag with me. So I can spot my spot when I’m nowhere near it.

It’s always a good thing to have what Frank Peretti calls a “fixed frame of reference”. For beach. Marriage. Friendship. Childrearing. Life. I should know. My first husband didn’t, and I saw the fruit of it, and the fallout. As we all know, when you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.

As hard as I try, digging my feet into the wet sand and holding on to something and weighing myself down and all kinds of other creative ways, I never can stop the drifting. Which possibly explains why I’m slightly obsessive about self-examination. I don’t want to drift to the point of no return.

 Are you thankful He’s the God of the do-over? Every single morning we get to make a change, if we choose. It takes a live fish to swim upstream and I’ve never been passive.

I’d like to leave you with a quote by Dean Freeberg, in the description of his book, Me to We: Grace is free to anyone who chooses it.” So now the question becomes… are you drifting, or choosing grace?

(As always, comments are highly encouraged.)

Kari, the un-drifting redhead

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2 thoughts on “The Danger of Drifting

  1. Very well said!!

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