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Of Specks and Spots and Telegraph Poles

I refuse to be a Speck Inspector.

Confused? Let me explain.

Matthew 7 verse 3 admonishes us with a simple but painful thought – “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

Ouch! How often have I been guilty of this? We find what we look for. God knows, others could find a bazillion issues with me; who am I to judge theirs? There’s a ton of ugly out there. Magnifying only makes it bigger. But big or small, ugly doesn’t add one positive thing.

You’ve probably met a Speck Inspector or two on your journey in life. I call them “so-no’s”, meaning I so don’t want to be like that. Whatever the that happens to be. There are a great many things I don’t want to be, but at the root of it all is Matthew 7.3. And verse 12 goes right along with it; do unto others…

I saw a tweet today that said we love patience in the driver behind us, but hate it in the one in front. How very true. Which makes me thankful for The Ultimate Do-Over. Commonly known as a fresh new day. A new chance to make new choices. Do new things. Try new ways. Make new friends. Embrace the positive and let go of negative. Oh, how I love the gift of a new day. God is the gift that keeps on giving, not National Geographic. (That’s just my own opinion, of course.)

I’ve started paying more attention to what I choose to magnify. And it is a choice. We’re all crazy; the question is… what kind of crazy are you? Everyone sins, it just comes in very personal flavours. For some it’s bitterness, for others it’s gossip. For still others, it’s false humility. Or gluttony. Or anger. Yes, sin is very personal.

I’m reminded today because we choose what we magnify, I’m trading in the magnifying glass for the mirror. It’s got to start with me. I can’t change anyone, but God can change me.

God is coming back for a church – which isn’t a building, it’s you – without spot or wrinkle.

I don’t want to live in what I’ve lost. The past is a frustrating place, full of “if only”s. I prefer to live in God’s plans for my future. It’s bright, full of hope and purpose and passion and joy. Now that’s somewhere I want to live.

Your thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Of Specks and Spots and Telegraph Poles

  1. I love that you said you’re trading in the magnifying glass for a mirror. Awesome quote!!

  2. Yes! Such a good post!

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