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Normal Redefined, aka ThankFest

I apologize for being MIA recently. Life at the Lowthers has been fun, and I use that term in the most sarcastic sense of the word.

As the self-iso rules remain in place, the deeper we go into this (human) social distancing thing the closer I find myself to the Lover of my soul. I’m reading my Bible like I haven’t in a long time, and I have total, seemingly irrational peace.

I see the affects of sin all around me, but I think I have a glimmer of understanding of Acts 20.24, where Paul says, “none of these things move me.”

I’m not completely there, but I’m on the way.

I also find myself in the middle of a rather extreme ThankFest right now. No idea why, I just am. Maybe that’s inevitably when you shut up a super-sanguine, uber-extrovert redhead for days and weeks and months on end, I don’t know.

People keep telling me every day we are “getting ready for a new normal.’ That may be their perspective but I beg to differ:

I’m already IN it. I’m praying more, and dreaming more, and writing more, and using my faith like crazy.

And by the way, I choose to pray for restoration. For God’s people, for families, for this nation, for all believers with pure motives. I’m praying that what the enemy has stolen he will be required to restore seven-fold. I’m praying that our faith fail not, and that He would strengthen us in our inner man.

The word ‘curse’ actually means ‘to speak ill of’. That puts it in a whole new perspective.

What’s your new normal? Do you know anyone who speaks ill of their president? Husband? Pastor? Friend? We all have a meltdown from time to time, but I’m talking default setting here.

Search your heart today, dear reader, and reset to thanks if you need to. I highly encourage it.

As always, I’m interested in your thoughts.

Kari, the so-not-normal-and-never-really-have-been
all original content, copyright © 2000

(ps. I found this, and folds four and six resonate with me.)


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7 thoughts on “Normal Redefined, aka ThankFest

  1. When you wrote ‘none of these things move me’ it reminded me of focus… Sort of like Peter walking on the sea. I think we get moved when our focus is on these things.
    And I agree, we are in the new normal so as we wait for more certainty we should find a way to live fully in this season.

  2. I love this <33

  3. I love this. <33

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