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Ghosted, or Gifted?

I’ve been having a lot of issues with WordPress recently, though I have no idea why.

I’m working on getting back to posting regularly.

Once again, Steven Furtick is the inspiration.

Today he was talking about Acts 2 verse 4, how it was 50 days from Jesus’ death to His ascension, and how the disciples saw Him for a full 40 days but that then He (apparently) disappeared. Some would say He ghosted them.

Then the ‘tarry in the upper room’ for 10 days happened – so was it worth the wait?

My first question to you is: have you ever ghosted? Been ghosted yourself? Have you ever felt like Jesus is totally not there? Even though you know His promise and you’re standing on His promise? I’m sure the disciples did too. But here’s the thing – He had to go dark so the true Ghost could come. And it works both ways. You can’t enjoy something and abuse it at the same time.

The Holy Ghost in Acts 7.60 made Steven so bold he was stoned to death by haters and was unafraid. In 8.9,Philip spoke and a male ex-witch was impressed. In 12.5 believers had the urge through the Holy Ghost to pray so fervently, God sent ‘an angel’ to answer. Paul had a habit of ticking off the religious folk so much, he developed a rep and became a flight risk. Ananias and Saphira chose the wrong side of the equation paid a high price for deception.

Now to the second question. Have you been ghosted, or gifted? In my opinion, yes. Meaning, both. We’ve been ghosted by Jesus because His relationship with us changed but did not end. And we’ve been gifted with Someone far greater than He because we now have a live-in partner who is just as powerful, and just as committed.

Was it worth the wait? You tell me.

Kari, the ghosted gifted believer

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