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How do you change your world? One word at a time, one heart at a time

But God…

Who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us… Ephesians 2.4.

How often I forget. Which leads me to think about others who forgot. The women at the tomb. Read it for yourself, in Luke 24.8; then they ‘remembered’, which you can’t do unless you forgot.

Which leads me to more thinking – how many things have I forgotten that Jesus has done for me? Rescued me from? Walked me through? All the lions and the bears He kept me safe from. Won’t Help do it again? O me of little faith.

Sometimes I’ll be talking with someone and they tell me all their circumstances. After quietly listening for a while I’ll softly say, “don’t leave it hangin’…”

If they look at me funny I’ll be more blunt, and tell them, “Don’t leave it there! But GOD…”

If they still don’t get it I’ll ask them what He’s been doing. I’m not blind. I see the bad. I just choose to focus on the good. Why? A wise woman once told me, “every time you see the word ‘good’ in the Bible, take out one O.” What does that leave you with? G O D.

Kari, the thankful fruitful redhead
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