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How do you change your world? One word at a time. I’m a Christian writer who dreams of doing just that. I love my God with wild abandon, along with my husband Wolf and my two biggest blessings, Alee and Sara. Gotta give a shout-out to my peeps.

I’m radical, and I admit it.  I’ve never really done anything half way.  I’m up for pretty much anything that’s legal, honest and decent, but snowboarding and windsurfing are something I haven’t tried yet – they’re on my bucket list. I enjoy a lot of things, some outdoor, some indoor. I’m finally free to be me, and it’s totally AWESOME! I tried for years to be a lady, quiet and demure but it just didn’t work! I’m a tomboy and I know it!
Everywhere I look I see life lessons. I have this bad habit of people watching. They never cease to amaze me, the things they choose to do. I love humour, and those who share it. Witticisms often stay with me for ages. I know you’re a fool to judge a book by the cover. You’ll miss great opportunities to meet amazing people if you do. Met one of ’em on a beach, of all places. My pastor says that being a fruit inspector isn’t judging, just examining the facts. I tend to agree. Cref says if you let people talk long enough, they’ll reveal what’s in their heart. I’ve found this to be true. So I look for character traits, because it tells me more about the person than they realize. It’s not fun to be tested in the fire but the results are soooo worth it. My Father constantly amazes me at how strong He seems to think I am… what you see is not what used to be. I still remember life BC (Before Christ) – and pray I never forget. Since I’m not from around here miscommunication is a fact of life for me, and I admire those who are willing to talk through misunderstandings.
I also love water, lighthouses, photography, laughter, creative people, Mexican food, snow skiing, dark chocolate, reading in a hammock on cool spring days, and, of course, writing. Snuggled up by the fire with my cat Shekinah is where you’ll often find me, but I invite you to stop by my place, karigraceplace.com, any time – I love visitors! I’m very random, I know, but in my defense I say that 5 foot 3 is way too short to be boring!
I absolutely adore horses too, always wanted to own one. Hasn’t happened yet but I’m far from dead so I’m too not too worried. I pray that you know and love the One who put the stars in place with His fingers, and considered you to die for. Because He did. Die. For you. If I give you the freedom to believe what you want to believe, will you give the same in return? And would you like a few take-aways?
A friend of mine, Gloria Cotton, once said: Be a grace giver, not an evidence collector.
Joyce Meyer said that Mercy sees the why behind the what,
Paul Scanlon said once, The world you cannot enter is the world you cannot reach – I want to reach a whole lot of worlds.
Someone once said that a well-placed pawn is better than a king, and the King OF kings lives on the inside of me. So I guess that would make me both.
Christian songwriter Steve Amerson wrote, God has His people daily living out their lives; in simple, subtle ways, they are salt and light.
Hope I’m salty.
May He would grant you your heart’s desire, and may you set your world on fire. Like John Wesley.

6 thoughts on “Home – Adventures in Blogging

  1. Love your blog! I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Details are on my site. Keep up the good work! Connie

    • wow. what an honor! i’m still learning about wordpress and i have no idea what a versatile blogger award is, but i’m humbled at your kindness and i truly thank you for the compliment. it still amazes that people find my random ramblings out there on the massive world-wide-web and when there is so much they could read it’s very encouraging to know they’re reading your thoughts. i love it! free evangelism!!!!
      may i tell you a joke i read years ago? blessed are the flexible, for they shall never be bent out of shape. me being me, it took on spiritual connotations, because God shows me so much through so many different media. especially fiction books. and movies. things some would label “worldly”, i see spiritual significance in. i don’t mean ungodly stuff, i mean neutral stuff that doesn’t mention the name of God. does He do that for you?

      • I’m so glad you feel honored by the nomination. That was certainly my intent. I am new to this, too, and felt very humbled by the consideration. I love your comment about the flexible. What a great thing to remember! I agree with you. I, too, see the hand of God in the strangest places. I guess my greatest revelation was to watch what He was able to do in my life with the diagnosis of cancer. Only God could take something that terrible and work it to good. Amazing! May He bless your day. Connie

      • I might have forgotten but do you do Twitter? If so, come find me! Kari Grace, pinkutoday

    • connie, one more thing. how do i find your blog? i’d love to read what you write. i like that you’re a runner – i’m a fitness junkie too but find it hard to run – and i’ve got you beat by two years. if you’d ever like to know my testimony just ask me and i’ll share it. i’m working on publishing a book about my life and the lesson iv’e learned in it.

      • You can find more information about the award on my blog:


        You can read about my journey with my cancer diagnosis and how it has changed my life. I have participated in 3 5K’s since treatment. I walk, not run, because of neuropathy in my feet. But I am determined to stay active. Not too many people my age still participate in 5K’s, so I usually manage to win my age bracket. Sometimes I win even with competition. I guess most people who are nearing 70 have decided to sit and enjoy life. Not me. God didn’t intend for me to sit in a recliner and knit! I’d love to share stories with you. Always fun to meet a new friend. God bless. Connie

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